eCommerce MLM Software

E-commerce and Multi-Level Marketing - a perfect winning combination
Grow your business with Param Technoedge Binary MLM Software

E-commerce is becoming an integral part of MLM Business for selling products online. We have rich experience integrating E-commerce with MLM Software.

If you are reseller or manufacturer or business owner start your selling your products online with Single vendor eCommerce with MLM Capabilities

If you want to start platform like Amazon where you give option for vendors to sell their products, use our multi vendor eCommerce with MLM Capabilities

Transform your MLM ecommerce business into an enhanced digital shopping experience for your customers with an ecommerce MLM software that blends the power of ecommerce with MLM.



Ecommerce MLM software used for MLM business. Every multi level marketing business works on the basis of product sales. New members are added to the network only when they purchase product of the MLM business. Majority of the Ecommerce based MLM business have an ecommerce platform which outreach their presence and business. E-commerce will helps to gain more profit for the multi level marketing business.

  • Ecommerce MLM system is a software integration for ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Woocommerce and Opencart.
  • This integration will helps the users to track the product sales, member management, profit earned and other facilities.
  • Ecommerce network marketing software is an all in one solution to manage your MLM business effectively and comfortably.
  • Ecommerce software is a must have software for ecommerce based network marketing and affiliate business.
  • Lead MLM software provides you the best ecommerce multi level marketing software to manage your MLM business efficiently.

Types Of Income & Features In Binary Compensation Plan

  • Binary/Pair Matching Income
  • Power leg carry forward
  • Unlimited Reports
  • ePin Management
  • Binary/Pair Matching Income
  • Referral Income
  • Direct Sponsoring Income
  • Weaker Leg Flush out

Advantages of eCommerce MLM Software

Binary plan has an array of advantages and is immensely popular in India and other Asian countries.

Unlimited depth:  Binary plan offers distributors to add members to unlimited levels and earn a high income.

Group work: With left leg or right spilling preferences, the distributors become active as they have to balance the tree for compensations.

Quick growth: Binary plan offers quick business growth opportunities.

Carry forward: Unpaid sales volume (SV) after present binary payout cycle is carry forward for the next binary payout cycle

Spillover: New members after completing the first level is spilled over to the unlimited downline levels.


Param Technoedge Software's – Benefits

  • Web based Application

  • 100% Cost-Effective

  • 24/7 Real–Time Access

  • User-Friendly Interface

  • Accuracy & Consistency

  • 24/7 Tech Support

  • MLM Consultancy

  • Free MLM Software Demo